Việt Nam Prosperity Joint Stock Bank (VPBank) on Wednesday introduced the digital banking foundation, VPBank Dream, in Ha Noi with an aim to provide convenient services to customers

After a long-time survey of more than 5,000 customers’ demands, VPBank realised that every person has a dream. However, not everyone has the financial resources or knows how to manage their finances in a smart and effective way.

VPBank wants to cherish these dreams and help customers make it a reality with its “Dream” — a cross-platform application for those who want to save money to realise their dreams.

Dream has been an easy-to-use app, which can be used everywhere with Internet connection. Customers can access banking products and services from savings and lending to credit card with only a click. Customers could reduce a range of normal paperwork without directly going to a bank to implement transactions.

With the motto “firm finance – touch dreams,” VPBank through Dream would provide customers with a range of preferential banking products including free service, transaction and management fees. The app will be available for both customers with VPBank accounts and others featuring high saving interest rates and 24-hour support.

VPBank has also built a wide network of associated partners in several areas such as house and car purchase to tourism to diversify customers’ demands.

At the launch ceremony, VPBank signed memoranda of understanding with five big partners: AUTO HAUS – Volkswagen, VIMID, Hyundai Thành Công, Kangnam and Saigon Smile Spa Beauty Salons.

Accordingly, AUTO HAUS – Volkswagen will give a 3 per cent discount on purchase of Volkswagen cars, VIMID will offer 1 to 2 per cent on its trucks and 5 to 10 per cent on its spare parts; Hyundai Thành Công will offer 3 per cent off on its Hyundai cars, Kangnam Beauty Salon will give a 30 per cent discount on its beauty services and cosmetics and Saigon Smile Spa will reduce up to 75 per cent on all of its services to VPBank Dream customers.

Dmitry Bocharov, director of VPBank’s Banking Digitalisation Centre, said VPBank Dream was the first digital banking platform of VPBank, which was under its strategy to digitalise its banking services. The services would bring customers with modern and convenient experiences in the finance and banking sector. In addition, customers would enjoy special preferential services from VPBank’s big partners through VPBank Dream.

VPBank Dream has been developed into website and mobile versions. 

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