Vietnam Register, under the Ministry of Transport, has proposed raising the emission standards for cars to level 2 in order to minimise the increasing environmental pollution in the country.

The photograph “Thunderstorm 3” by Lê Đức Toại has won the FSS gold medal at the 3nd International Circular of Photography “Grand M.S.M Circuit 2018”.

The contest, held in the three countries of Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro in July, was open to entrants from all over the world. It offered a total of 59 awards in four sections of open colour, nature, photo travel and monochrome.

Organisers included the Photo Club CACAK, Serbia, the Photo Club OHRID from Macedonia and Photo Club Perastor of Montenegro.

The contest was held under the sponsorship of world photograph organisations including FIAP, the PSA, FSS, FKK, FSM, Gradac PGI and the Victory PW.

About 378 photographers from 56 countries and territories across the world had sent their works to the contest in all categories.

Phát won the FIAP gold medal with his work Floating Fishing Village in the section of photo travel while Toại won the FSS gold medal with his work Thunderstorm 3 in the open monochrome section. — VNS


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