HÀ NỘI — An event featuring north-western cuisine and culture is taking place at Mường Thanh hotels nationwide and in Laos.

Customers will have a chance to enjoy the quintessence of northwestern region’s cuisine. — Photo courtesy of Mường Thanh Hospitality

Tết Mường Thanh, is organised during the month of March at the chain of Mường Thanh hotels as a response to the signature spring festival of Điện Biên Province, or Hoa Ban Festival, which takes place on March 17-19. March is the time orchids and peach blossom everywhere in the north-western region. Ethnic people living in the region organise many festivals to pray for good health and prosperity.

Pork steamed in bamboo leaves, one speciality of the north-western region. — Photo courtesy of Mường Thanh Hospitality Attending Tết Mường Thanh festivals, customers will have a chance to enjoy unique cuisine such as wild vegetables, dried buffalo meat and xôi ngũ sắc (five coloured sticky rice); try Thái traditional costumes; and join múa sạp tinkling dance. It’s a traditional Thai dance, which involves two people or more beating, tapping bamboo poles against two poles on the ground and against each other. — VNS

Source: Vietnamnews.vn

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