Vietnam Register, under the Ministry of Transport, has proposed raising the emission standards for cars to level 2 in order to minimise the increasing environmental pollution in the country.

Vietnam Register has proposed raising the emissions standards for cars to level 2 in order to minimise increasing environmental pollution. — Photo

The department has completed and submitted a new vehicle emission control plan based on the current situation as instructed by the Ministry of Transport, online newspaper reported.

Specifically, the department has proposed reducing the CO (carbon monoxide) emissions ratio for vehicles using gasoline fuel from 4.5 (level 1) to 3.5 (level 2); and HC (hydrocarbon concentration) from 1,200 ppm to 800 ppm.

Vehicles using diesel fuel will have to reduce their emissions from 72 per cent HSU to 60 per cent HSU.

Nguyễn Hữu Trí, deputy director of Vietnam Register, said the emissions standards in Việt Nam have remained unchanged for ten years.

Meanwhile, the number of cars nationwide has increased by more than 3 million vehicles, so the amount of emissions released to the environment increased about 2.5 times.

According to several environmental studies, indicators of pollutants in car exhaust such as CO and NOx, in large cities like Hà Nội and HCM City have exceeded the allowable levels by 1.2  to 1.5 times.

Therefore, the deputy director said it was time to change the emissions standards for motor vehicles to protect the environment.

According to the new vehicle emission control plan, vehicles manufactured between 1999-2017 will be subject to the new emissions standard (level 2).

Vehicles manufactured before 1999 will be subject to the original standards (level 1).

These vehicles were put into use when there were no emissions control standards and it is difficult to repair and adjust such vehicles to meet the new criteria.

The department also proposed putting a red mark on vehicles with poor emissions. All vehicles meeting the emission standard level 2 will be granted a validation stamp.

The department also proposed a red stamp for vehicles older than 20 years (these vehicles will be subject to emission standard level 1).

It will create conditions for people to choose what low-emission vehicles they use in daily life, or will replace vehicles with ones of better quality.

The department also suggested the Ministry of Transport ban vehicles with emission standard level 1 from entering metropolitan areas. — VNS


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