Market Intelligence


SR is specialized in providing multi-industrial research reports and business consulting services. Our research technique is utilized and analyzed upon interactive process to collect information from the different sources.

We commit to bring in-depth and practical solutions to help our clients for strategic and feasible decision making



Perform qualitative research methods

Perceptual Focus Group

Cross-generation ethnography

Shopper shadowing

Cultural Insights Mining

Online blog

Implement quantitative research methods

Usage & Attitude

Concept test/ Product test

Brand Health Tracking

Shopper Research

Customers’ Satisfaction

Make a research report of methods

User behavior & Trends

Market opportunities & Latest Drivers

SWOT & Brand positioning

Market Share & Competition

Market Size & Forecast

Make a business strategy plan

Building Marketing Solutions

Developing a communication plan

Planning distribution channel

Implementing the action plan

Analyzing, evaluating and reporting the result