Mũi Né in south central province of Bình Thuận has been dubbed the capital of resorts.

Breathtaking: View from Poshanu tower.

Lost in Mũi Né paradise


Mũi Né in south central province of Bình Thuận has been dubbed the capital of resorts.

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Good weather, check. Cool breezes, check and few storms, check.

But if you really want to check this place out, June and July are the best months to visit.

Fine wine: Inside Wine Catle at Sealink Villa Resort, a popular destination for tourists. People can try wine from Napa Valley, California, the US and see the production line at the site.

Besides beautiful beaches, there are a lot of sand dunes, where people enjoy sand skating by day and watching the sun set in the evening.

But if it’s culture you are looking for, don’t worry. There are historical relic sites of the Chăm ethnic minority group like Poshanu Tower, which was built at the end of the 8th century.

Morning glory: Long Hải Beach at sunrise.

The architecture, which belonged to ancient Chăm Pa Kingdom (192-1832), has been judged valuable in terms of art, history, culture and architecture by experts.

The tower complex is located 7km to the north-east of Phan Thiết City and consists of a group of structures dedicating to the God Shiva.

Imposing: Poshanu tower.

Near the tower is the Lầu Ông Hoàng villa built by Ferdinand d’Orléans, a grandson of King Louis-Philippe I of France, in 1911.

Gifts: Tourists choose pearl at Ngọc Pearl shop in Mũi Né.

The site is now only a ruin but still a chance for tourists to step back in time.

Picture postcard: Mũi Né sand hill at sunrise.

And poetry lovers will remember the area as it has been mentioned in verses by noted writer Hàn Mạc Tử (1912-1940). This was the area he fondly remembered as it’s where he dated his girlfriend, writer Mộng Cầm (1917-2007). — VNS

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