Dinh Ba Thanh, chairman and CEO of DatVietVAC, the largest media, entertainment and technology group in Vietnam, has won this year’s ACES Eminent Leaders Award and Asia HRD Movers and Shakers Award.

Chairman & CEO of DatVietVAC, Dinh Ba Thanh, receives the Eminent Leaders Award in Singapore on October 11.

He personally received the ACES Award at the Fairmont Hotel, Singapore, while Trieu The Hiep, Acting Group HR Director, received the Asia HRD award at the White Palace in HCM City on his behalf as the ceremonies were held simultaneously on October 11.

DatVietVAC was founded in 1994 with three subsidiaries: DatViet Media (Vietnam’s premier media company), DatViet OOH (Vietnam’s first out-of-home advertising company) and DDB Vietnam (Vietnam’s first affiliate media agency).

DatVietVAC’s goal was to transform the country’s media and entertainment landscape.

Since its inception, the group has expanded and now has 11 companies, each of which has made a mark in a different segment of the media and entertainment industry.

They include Dong Tay Promotion, the largest producer of TV reality shows; TK-L, the first and largest television licensing company; M&T Pictures, Viet Nam’s largest producer of TV dramas; DID TV, the first private TV channel in Viet Nam; and Nomad MGMT, the first international talent management agency in Viet Nam.

Part of the DatVietVAC group, Nomad MGMT has become the premier talent management agency in Vietnam, achieving the highest international standards.

Last year VNR500 ranked DatVietVAC first in the Vietnamese media and television industry while FAST500 ranked it 11th overall in the list of fastest growing companies.

DatVietVAC continues to be the forefront of the media and entertainment industry. By integrating media, entertainment and technology vertically, it has become the largest in Vietnam, transforming the nature of entertainment and media and access to them across the country.

Its multimedia ecosystem commands first place in streaming with 6 billion views and 13 million subscribers.

September 2018 marked a milestone for DatVietVAC: it reached a monthly average of 1 billion views. Much of DatVietVAC’s output exemplifies the type of media that is actively changing the face of media and entertainment in Viet Nam.

‘The Lightning Quiz’, produced by Dong Tay Promotion and ‘Stick Rice, Plain Rice’, Vietnam’s no.1 family movie reflect the company vision to transform the media and entertainment in Viet Nam.

Story of Yanxi Palace (Dien Hy Cong Luoc) and Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace (Nhu Y Truyen) (copyrighted to TKL in Vietnam) were screened in the third quarter of 2018 and have become the two most successful dramas in Vietnamese television history.

Story of Yanxi Palace (Dien Hy Cong Luoc) and Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace (Nhu Y Truyen) (copyrighted to TKL in Vietnam).

At the 2018 ASEAN Economic Forum held in Hanoi from September 11 to 13, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc listed DatVietVAC along with Vingroup and Viettel as key factors in Vietnam’s growing prosperity and competitiveness.

The event was attended by 850 leaders from ASEAN, more than 70 government ministers and 550 CEOs and chairpersons.

Dinh Ba Thanh was unable to attend the Movers and Shakers Awards function. Trieu The Hiep (centre) received it in his place.

The two awards mark Dinh Ba Thanh’s oustanding journey in leading DatVietVAC to the top of the media, entertainment and technology industry in Vietnam.

*About the ACES Awards: The Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards recognises successful companies and individuals in Asia across two main domains: leadership and corporate social responsibility. The awards value and recognise the services and achievements of businesses and their contributions to their communities and the world.

Through ACES, companies and its leaders share a platform to take pride in their excellence, learn, build connections, and exchange new ideas while showcasing Asia’s best practices for sustainable growth.

*About the Asia HRD Awards: The Asia HRD Awards aim to honour individuals, HR professionals and practitioners at all levels who have significantly impacted or influenced the HR community, organisations or society. Recipients of these awards are role models with unquestionable integrity. The awards, instituted in 2003, have so far honoured more than 249 individuals and organisations from 20 countries.

Source: Bizhub.vn

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