At the recent Smart Industry World 2017 exhibition, a number of the discussions focused on the coming Business 4.0 era and how the digital innovations of the future, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep-machine Learning and Robotics will impact companies and workers in Vietnam.

“AI will create more jobs for people”

One of the presentations that caught the attention of the audience was given by Le Hong Viet, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of FPT Vietnam, one of the country’s largest IT companies who gave a presentation entitled “Breakthroughs with Artificial Intelligence & Robot Technology”. In the presentation, Viet said that AI will be the lever for development and that while everyone worries that AI will replace the work that humans do, it will instead bring new experiences and opportunities for people.

FPT CTO Le Hong Viet - “Breakthroughs with Artificial Intelligence & Robot Technology”

Viet said at the beginning of his presentation, “We are facing a lot of problems as the result of the development of new technologies and machines that are as smart as human, so daily activities are more or less influenced. But AI, in fact, is bringing new experiences, new capabilities and more effectiveness.”

As examples of how AI is being applied in business, Viet noted that the financial sector is using AI to decide which stocks to invest in; that in Healthcare a variety of diagnostic machines and applications are being developed with AI as their core; that sales companies are using AI to automate call center and customer service operations with the goal of creating customer centric systems and that in the field of security AI will help network systems to avoid attacks and identify companies who’s systems have vulnerabilities.

In the field of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), where humans are entering data into the systems, Mr. Viet said that with AI technology, the identification and transfer of data into the system could be done by machines and that companies with AI data systems would be able to create new business opportunities for their companies and better compete with competitors.

Regarding FPT’s orientation in technology, Mr. Viet said that FPT is focusing on three business areas: the first is “IIoT” (Industrial Internet of Things), which is the Application of the Internet of Things in Industry; the second area is “Smart Manufacturing” and the third area is “Human-Machine Learning.” FPT is cooperating with international companies such as GE and Siemens to implement technology solutions for big and small companies around the world. One of FPT’s goals is to cooperate with more partners to build a developed Vietnamese technology community that can compete on a worldwide basis.

As business is disrupted, there will be new the jobs in the future for people who will become the creators of AI and Business 4.0 resources. This includes mathematicians, researchers and scientists and designers who will design the interfaces for human interactions. There will also be “designers” who will use AI to design the products and services of the future. Mr. Viet said, “We should not be afraid of fewer human jobs and fewer people working. When the computer creates the need and does the work of people, then people can do higher value jobs.“

Although a number of companies or individuals believe that the coming Business 4.0 age will not have an impact on Vietnam until 2025 or later, the Smart Industry World 2017 exhibition and the discussions held there show that AI systems, products and services are already being actively being developed in Vietnam and that those who wait till 2025 or later will be left behind.


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