In fact, the crisis always brings opportunities for the market. In the context of less exciting than the rest of the world to cut costs, the investment budget for marketing is considered a wise behavior

A wise and effective marketing solution

Brand in crisis time

In business, the marketing strategy must be ahead of sales for at least 6 months and this is a lever for the company to improve its brand position, expand distribution channels, increase market share and revenue. When launching a new product, a new brand, and branding for an existing product, marketing budget plan is required

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There are many tools to maintain and develop the brand. Such tools may be Above-the-Line (ATL) or Below-the-Line (BTL). Each system has its own advantages, depending on the business situation of the Enterprise. Especially in the context of the global economic crisis, although the budget is not abundant, the Enterprise can still carry out the promotion program and maintain the strong brand as expected. And to do this, every marketer must know how to balance, measure, and quantify exactly what tool is appropriate for the current financial situation of the company

Marketing in difficulty

There are many ways for the Enterprise to maintain and develop its brand, access to the market through the promotion of products. And one of the most effective pathways is visual marketing through sponsorship of sports programs or tournaments

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Heineken carries Formula One racing to Asia

Heineken sponsors sports associated with the ambition of affirming high-class brand. When it came to Vietnam, Heineken was the first sponsor for tennis sport that had very few people playing. Heineken has sponsored the movement tennis tournament of the Vietnam Tennis Federation. Soon, Heineken market share skyrocketed, a well-known brand

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Tennis Championship "Heineken and Friends" Gia Lai 1st

In fact, sports sponsorship is a very good, fast and effective communication tool to promote and maintain brand for the Enterprise with a low cost. It is important to know which sport to choose, which league to choose. In addition, before signing the contract, enterprises should consider whether the event on any scale, the attractiveness is high, the cost is acceptable. If you answered the above questions correctly, the Enterprise has partially done. The rest is through that tournament, that event, Enterprise must add some other activities related to PR, brand identity system, TVC advertising,...

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Tan Hiep Phat-17 years of association with the An Giang women's bicycle race

Maintaining spending for marketing or advertising during the downturn has yielded benefits, such as better business results, faster revenue, higher return. In addition, the creation of significant positive change in market positioning is also a remarkable result of investment decisions for marketing in crisis

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Toyota is in the third consecutive year the main sponsor for V.League

In 2008, while many Enterprises were forced to cut marketing costs due to the economic downturn, others were increasing. Why? Their strategy of production and business had been planned for a long time and the roadmap was being run in the right way. It could be said that the impact of economic recession 10 years ago was anticipated by them so there were timely coping strategies by selecting sports tournaments to promote and enhance brand credibility. Recently, Tan Hiep Phat sponsored bicycle racing; Toyota sponsored the V-League; Suzuki sponsored the AFF Cup; HAGL participated in SEA Games 25,...

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Suzuki continues to sponsor the Vietnam Football Teams

With a reasonable budget and a good marketing budget management solution, sticking with the big sporting events helped these brands grow strongly with the sport activities. Through the sponsorship of sports, they proved the brand healthy and potential of the company

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